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getting pumped

February 18, 2008

i am calling this a blog, but its technically not a blog. just a window into my daily life for anyone who is possibly slightly interested. and so it begins…

this is what i did at work today:

i work for a local photographer as an assistant. we did a shoot for a company that sells underwear. what you are seeing is a screen shot of our G5’s desktop. and in it you can see adobe bridge for cs3 open as we view files that are coming from a tethered canon 1ds mark II. we shot over 600 photos of 2 models wearing pantyhose, bras, and panties. we started at 9am and finished roughly around 6pm.

yes this is probably very boring to you. but i do this a lot and i was feeling pretty pumped about it today. not that i get to look at really nice butts all day, but that i am working in the field that ive always wanted to work in.


i went to school for it, i love it, it inspires me, it kills me. it makes my eyes hurt, it makes me see photographs everywhere, everyday, all day, it’s all i think about it. it gives me headaches, stomach pain, ends relationships, it makes me wish i studied law or something that would make me rich.

i picked a very difficuly life for myself and i get depressed and unmotivated about it a lot. but i really wouldnt trade it for anything else in the world. not even a billion dollars because i would just use that money to buy film.