return from atlantic city

April 3, 2008

i just returned home from a day of work in atlantic city. we shot some photographs for trump marina. lots of food and a couple lifestyle shots. it went pretty well. i hate how donald trump has his name and face on everything. a bottle of water has his name on it. soap in the bathroom has his name on it. it is sort of disgusting how into himself the guy is.

i wish i brought my camera with me. there was this beautiful fog laying over the city as we were driving in last night. ive always wanted to photograph in the fog, i find it so pretty, but i never seem to have my camera when its foggy. its a real bummer.

i remembered seeing these photographs of atlantic city awhile ago on justin’s blog and i thought they captured atlantic city in a very honest and thoughtful way. they werent your typical, down and dirty type of photographs, they have this quiet beauty to them.

the photographer is scott eiden and you should check out the rest of his work.


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