May 6, 2008

this past sunday was the 8th installment of zoe strauss’s 10 year I-95 project.

zoe has been a huge inspiration and a big part of my life here in philadelphia. i met her back in 2003-04 when i contacted her about wanting to be her intern. i came across her work for the first time when she part of a leeway grant show. i lived in south philly at the time (9th and tasker) and one day walking home from class i came across a familiar image that was glued to a plank of wood and nailed to a utility pole on passyunk ave, right in front of the dunkin donuts. i remembered it from the leeway show and was amazed that this piece of art was just nailed to this pole for any one to take. so i took it. a few weeks or months go by and i walk into a cafe on south street called the bean, and bam!, there are these images again. zoe strauss, was everywhere. so i took down her website info and contacted her the next day offering any kind of assistance to her work. and she was kind enough to invite me over to look at my own work and talk about myself and school and about an internship. and so it was settled. i was her intern. and 5 years later, i am still according to her (but it’s up for debate according to savannah, her sister and former intern) her number one intern. but its been way more than an internship, she took me into her life and gave me friendship, guidance, advice, support, encouragment, and a 2nd family here in philly.

(polaroid by: zoe strauss)

One Response to “zs”

  1. ZS Says:

    You will always be my number one intern, although you are tremendously successful in your chosen field, Dominguez and way past the intern status. I have great faith in you as an artist and as person and I love you like you are a member of my own family.

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