May 30, 2008

via photoshelter…

sigur ros video

not really sure what to make of this collaboration between sigur ros and ryan mcginley. like most of mcginley’s work its beautifully photographed and has a carefree and wild vibe to it. kids running around naked in the woods, jumping off cliffs and whatever. the colors and textures are beautiful but is there anything under the surface? it just seems like a gap ad for the urban outfitters generation.

sigur ros recently put out an amazing dvd ‘heima’ that was a collection of live performances filmed in their native iceland. that dvd to me was a testament to their home and their people and how their music comes from their heritage and the landscape that surrounds them. this new video just seems kinda hollow, like ryan mcginley’s latest show ‘i know where the summer goes’ which on the surface looks like an incredible and honest portrayal of youth at its zenith. but when you read that these people in his photographs were hired models and he even had 3 assistants, it kind of loses its appeal and its strength.

i dunno. i dont really want to rant on other people’s work. i still think mcginley is an incredibly talented artist, and i love his work.


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