vegas, the shoot

June 13, 2008

so this past monday i traveled to las vegas to assist dom on a shoot for everlast. we were shooting an mma/ufc fighter named randy couture. who looks like the scariest dude that could destroy you with his pinky, but is really an awesome, super nice guy.

the trip started off in an interesting manner. as we were about to board the airplane, someone hit the switch that drops all the airmasks down. so we had to get on a different plane. then halfway through the flight the girl next to me had an insane nose bleed. crazy.

we stayed at the newyork newyork hotel/casino, which has a roller coaster that goes through it. and has miniature newyork streets and shops inside. “we” being, dominic, jordan the art director, and me. our first night there we met with the client to discuss the next day’s shoot over drinks and huge steaks.

we arrived at randy’s gym at 9am. we had three set ups, one in the octagon, one on the steps of the octagon, and a last set up by the heavy/speed bags. we brought our typical lighting equipment which includes 4 profoto acute heads, a 2400 watt power pack, two 1200 power packs, and a lot of light modifying stuff (soft boxes, grids, beauty dishes, gels, etc,) we rented a boom, some big white/black foamcore, a couple sand bags, and my new favorite lighting toy… a 10degree grid for our beauty dish (which dom is promising to purchase) we used it as our key light to light randy dramatically from above. similar to the lighting on marlon brando in the godfather, heavy shadows under the eyes/nose, but not as soft and with some hightlights. it was seriously a great tool. besides that key light, i used a large softbox, and white foamcore for fill, and one head with a tight grid for a highlight, then either a raw head or a head with a wide zoom reflector to light the background.

the shots came out pretty awesome all day. randy was definitely super easy to work with and knew exactly what jordan and dom wanted and the looks they were after.


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