July 29, 2008

for the next two and a half weeks i will be in Spain. my family is from Galicia, which is on the north western coast of Spain, right above Portugal. it is, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth. i am excited to go, but will be missing my girls tremendously. i am hoping to bring back lots of new work….

the last time i was in Spain was 2004, right after i graduated school. I brought something like 100 rolls of film, half of which still sits unprocessed in my refrigerator. at the time i was still finding myself, photographically speaking, and was mostly inspired by photographers like garry winogrand, henri cartier-bresson, robert frank, etc.

3 sailors, Vilanova de Arousa, 2004

nancy sleeping, 2004

even did some night photography:

Vilanova de Arousa, Spain 2004

One Response to “spain”

  1. stef Says:

    whoa! where have these been hiding? the first one especially. post some more!

    2004…i remember that. time flies!

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