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September 27, 2008

photo: sam taylor-wood


movies in the mail

September 26, 2008

mccain vs. spain

September 25, 2008

i dont want to get political on this but wow this is pretty ridiculous…


September 24, 2008

meredith’s drawer, chicago, 2008

advanced warning

September 23, 2008


September 22, 2008

errata editions is a small independent publishing house whose aim is to create books that challenge and educate. We are a group of practicing photographers, designers and educators who share a common love for the mediums of photography and book craft. Our desire is to expand the current dialogue of these mediums through presenting works by contemporary photographers set alongside celebrated photographic bookmakers.”



September 20, 2008

via If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger…

winogrand & eggleston


September 20, 2008

Robert Mapplethorpe, Untitled, 1973/75

Robert Mapplethorpe, Untitled (self-portrait). 1973/75

Robert Mapplethorpe, Untitled (Marianne Faithfull), 1974


September 19, 2008

border incident, 1949

directed by anthony mann. cinematography by john alton.


September 18, 2008

back from chicago. it was a very wet, rainy, awesome, fun time!

many thanks to our two amazing hosts, the talented meredith martin grant and the awesome and hilarious captain steven wade! these two definitely made the trip very worthwhile and helped move chicago to the top of the maybe possibly one day move there list. (and also thanks to steven for putting that sweet leica d-lux on the top of my wish-list!)

photo by: m.m. grant

photo by: steven wade