September 2, 2008

megawords magazine is an experimental non-commercial magazine founded in 2005 by anthony smyrski and dan murphy based in philadelphia.  for the entire month of september they are taking over a storefront on 1125 north cherry street in chinatown and bringing the pages of their magazine to life through rotating installations, guest speakers, musical performances, workshops and film screenings. some of the selected artists include Hamburger Eyes, Stephen Powers (ESPO), Craig Costello (KR), Wesley Eisold of Heartworm
Press, Max Morton, Maysles Films, Isaac Lin, Amanda Blank, Rose Luardo, DJs Andy Pry and Stephen Bush,
William Pym, Zoe Strauss, ADAMS & KEGR, Alex Lukas, Mattathias Schwartz, Benjamin Tiven, Hsi-Chang Lin,
and the Philadelphia Independent,etc.

i was asked to help document this amazing event and will be taking photographs at most of  the events starting on the opening which is first friday september 5th at 6pm.

for a complete list of events and more info check out megawords…


One Response to “megawords”

  1. ZS Says:

    Dude, how bout you document how awesome you are! Everyone should know it!

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