the parade’s gone by

January 9, 2009

in the late 60’s kevin brownlow began a series of interviews that would become the basis of a book about the silent film era of early hollywood. that book the parade’s gone by is a treasure trove of information and an essential part of any film lover’s reading list. the stories come directly from the mouths of the people that lived through it all and thankfully someone had the brains to get it all on paper before they were forgotten forever.

the book, which i purchased on ebay recently, is impossible to put down. from the hundreds of behind the scenes photographs to the great recollections of a time when there were no rules and the art of the moving image was taken to such great heights, which (according to some) havent been reached since.

here is part one of a film brownlow made on the history of early hollywood (which unfortunately has yet to be released on dvd but can all be seen on youtube)


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