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February 28, 2009

megawords ten now available!

“megawords tenth issue recaps its recent storefront project. The special edition reflects upon the exhibition’s thirty-one days as a physical outlet for creativity in a melange of color and black and white photographs, reproductions of storefront plans and proposals, and written reflections about the project.”

i spent a few days helping to document this amazing project, and i have a few images in this, including the cover photograph.

get a copy here:


self portrait

February 28, 2009


self-portrait, new york, ny, 3/20/76 © stephen shore

birthday presents

February 24, 2009

i got a few belated birthday presents in the mail today…

Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans, Expanded Edition


My Man Godfrey – Criterion Collection DVD

life changing

February 23, 2009

at work

February 20, 2009


stanley kubrick in the mirror of rosemary williams, a showgirl, in 1949

self portrait

February 18, 2009


larry clark, self portrait, 1962


February 16, 2009

via the always excellent  now voyager

(diary page from theodore roosevelt on february 14th, 1884. on this day both his mother and wife died, eleven hours apart.)

things are pretty bad for me right now. i am trying to stay positive and keep my head up but it’s proving quite a difficult task.

i’d go the whole wide world

February 15, 2009


February 14, 2009

heart balloon

heart balloon, north philadelphia, 2008

February 14, 2009