February 3, 2009

i had a dream last night where i was hired to photograph some buildings, or a new bowling alley or some kind of interior architechtural structure. the job was out in new jersey, maybe cherry hill, and i had to be there at 8:30am, so decided to leave my house at 7:45am. which would give me plenty of time to get there. as i was driving there though i realized that i only brought my dinky old 6 megapixel camera and a sudden fear hit me that the image quality would be far inferior to what this client demanded! i freaked out! i considered turning around and going back to philly to borrow a better camera from one of my photographer friends, or trying to find a place to rent a better camera in cherry hill. i didnt have enough time for either. i decided to just try and make the best of it. but once i got to the shoot, i completely forgot how to use the camera. i couldnt understand any of the menu options and on top of that the battery died before the first shot even took place. what a nightmare.

i tend to have a lot of dreams like this. where i am unprepared or overwhelemed with something and they always involve whatever my job is. i remember having them when i worked at the mall in high school, when i was a cashier at a health food store, and even when i was in school and would dream i didnt finish an assignment. i actually still have dreams about having an assignment or paper due and not having it done and freaking out about it. and i havent been in school for 5 years now!

these dreams (nightmares) are really stressful and make me feel crazy when i wake up. i wonder what they mean…


One Response to “dreaming”

  1. Yu-San Says:

    ahh! i have dreams where i freak out over exams and school assignments, too. though to be fair, i am still a student and only stopped taking classes a year ago. *shudders* they give me so much anxiety. (pfft, as if my life isn’t already stressful enough…) usually my dreams are related to what happens to me in the day time, but when i get these random dreams i also wonder if they have any meaning.

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