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March 27, 2009

i will be moving for the next few days. posting will resume when i have internet again.

please stay tuned.

moving back

moving box, 2008 © m.dominguez jr.



March 23, 2009

while perusing phillips de pury’s catalog for their upcoming photographs auction i came across this group of images by the mexican photographer enrique metinides.


untitled (intento suicida desde el torea, ciudad de mexico), 1971 © enrique metinides

i saw his work awhile ago in an issue of vice magazine and was blown away by his stark and brutal imagery of a lot of bad shit that seems to happen in mexico city. murder, suicide, kidnapping, car accidents, if someone has just been killed in mexico city, chances are he is there taking a photograph of it.

is it fucked up to be drawn to these images in the way that i am? is it bad to admire a photograph of someone who is about to jump off a bridge (or some sort of structure), or to find beauty in an image of a woman crying because her boyfriend has just been stabbed to death…


Una mujer llora a su novio muerto apuñalado en el parque de Chapultepec por mostrar resistencia a unos ladrones © enrique metinides

self portrait

March 21, 2009


self portrait, santa monica (circa 1955)  © paul outerbridge

my apologies

March 19, 2009

i am sorry for the severe lack in interesting posts. i am in a transition phase right now, i am trying to find a place to live, move into that place, all the while trying to keep busy enough to afford to move and to live in these tough times.

the show at shadow space last night went really well. the place was packed, all the art was amazing, and people seemed to have a lot of nice things to say about my work. which is always nice to hear.

i will try to be a little better at updating this.

why, why people funny bwoy
now that you reach the top
an’ you turn big shot
all I have done for you
you not remember that
when you were down an’ out
I used to help you out
but now that you win jackpot
you don’t remember that
now that you turn big shot
bwoy you ‘ave big chat

you’re lucky, you’re lucky, you’re lucky to have rice and peas a yard
but me, poor me don’t have none at all

I want-a, I want-a, I want-a, I want-a,
I want-a uh i-yah yard tonight

it’s just that she loves too much

March 10, 2009

self portrait

March 8, 2009

“self-portrait,” (after suffering domestic abuse), 1978 © nan goldin

save the date

March 8, 2009

(click image for a larger version)

first friday

March 6, 2009

for those of you who live in philadelphia, be sure to check out these first friday openings.

focus: a photography show @ t&p fine art 1143 south 9th street

featuring the work of some top notch photographers, shen wei, andrew hetherington, adam wallacavage, my buddy shawn brackbill, brian finke, and many more.

megawords issue 10 release party

Megawords will celebrate the issue’s publication at a release party on First Friday, March 6th. The party will be hosted at Juanita & Juan’s/ Smyrski Creative Studios located at 125 North 11th Street and will take place from 7-10pm. Guests can enjoy a free copy of the new issue along with Megawords photographs and ephemera covering the walls of the project space, live DJs and refreshments.

For more:

They Are Summating
Michelle Blade, Jeanette Mundt, Suzannah Sinclair, Erika Somogyi at Space 1026.
March 6th-27th, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday March 6th, 7-10pm

(i think suzannah sinclair is my new favorite artist! check out her amazing drawings)

Tetsugo Hyakutake
+ Daniel Lobdell @ Gallery 339 (339 South 21st Street)

this show opened back in january but is still up until march 14, so go check it out if you are in the area. tetsugo’s photographs are stunningly beautiful and he also one of the nicest guys ever!


March 5, 2009

i have been asked to be a part of 2 really great group shows that are coming up quite soon.

the first is here in philadelphia at a new gallery space that is opening up above the bar Kung Fu Necktie

this show is being curated by damian weinkrantz and adam wallacavage.

the next one is all the way in los angeles at a gallery called pharmaka, this show is being curated by the great timothy buckwalter.

i am excited for both of these and as you can see by the photo, getting my shit together for them.

i will post more information on them soon.

at work

March 3, 2009

special snow-bound video edition:  making the ‘shining’ by vivian kubrick (1980)