my apologies

March 19, 2009

i am sorry for the severe lack in interesting posts. i am in a transition phase right now, i am trying to find a place to live, move into that place, all the while trying to keep busy enough to afford to move and to live in these tough times.

the show at shadow space last night went really well. the place was packed, all the art was amazing, and people seemed to have a lot of nice things to say about my work. which is always nice to hear.

i will try to be a little better at updating this.

why, why people funny bwoy
now that you reach the top
an’ you turn big shot
all I have done for you
you not remember that
when you were down an’ out
I used to help you out
but now that you win jackpot
you don’t remember that
now that you turn big shot
bwoy you ‘ave big chat

you’re lucky, you’re lucky, you’re lucky to have rice and peas a yard
but me, poor me don’t have none at all

I want-a, I want-a, I want-a, I want-a,
I want-a uh i-yah yard tonight


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