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the mexican suitcase

April 30, 2009


(photo: tony cenicola/the new york times)

there is a great piece on the nytimes website today about ‘the mexican suitcase’ a collection of negatives by robert capa, gerda taro, & david seymour (chim) that had been untouched for over 70 years. the cardboard boxes contained 126 rolls of film (4,300 negatives!) taken during the spanish civil war.


crowd outside morgue after air raid, valencia, may 1937, by gerda taro


at work

April 30, 2009

video edition.

though you may not drive a great big cadillac

April 29, 2009


April 27, 2009

it is that time of year again for zoe strauss’s i95 installation. there seems to be a lot of new work this year that i am really excited to see included.

since being zoe’s intern back in 2004 i became very intimate with her work, cutting, packaging, printing, sorting, selling hundreds of photos, i could name almost everyone by sight. but in the years since going from plain ol’ intern to number 1 intern semi-retired, who gets to watch from the sidelines i have lost that intimacy with the work. now when going to i95 or any other zoe strauss show, there is a new excitement for me…something new and never seen before around every corner, and it makes that journey under i95 all the more awe inspiring.

if you havent been before, i urge you to come down and experience it at least once…



April 26, 2009

via: moviemorlocks

save the date

April 24, 2009

next thursday, april 30th an epic night of amazing tunes….



April 23, 2009


john morgan was diagnosed with west nile virus and contracted guillian barre syndrome as a side effect.  he currently has the most severe case of GBS documented and the cost of medical care for his recovery are tremendous and grow daily. all proceeds from this event will go directly to john morgan and family to benefit his battle with GBS. please come out and support a good cause. it is a win-win situation for you, you will get to help out a fellow human being and get a great piece of art at the same time.

at work

April 22, 2009


philip-lorca dicorcia, times square, NYC © brian maryansky


April 19, 2009

clip from fedrico fellini’s armarcord.

it is currently playing at the the ritz/landmark theater here in philadelphia.

the ritz is also starting a midnight madness film program in may. they will be showing a bunch of great films like back to the future, rear window, and raiders of the lost ark! this is very exciting news and i hope it does well enough so they will show more classic films on the big screen. i think this is one thing philadelphia lacks, a great cinema scene. it seems like in new york you have so many more options to see classic films, silent films, and foreign films in actual theaters. if i was independently wealthy i would purchase one of the many old movie houses (that are wasting away as warehouses or converted into stores) and create a really amazing venue for film lovers. (if someone who IS independently wealthy wants to help me out on this please feel free to contact me! hehe)

good things happen in dark rooms…

in the dark

April 19, 2009

my good friend and fellow photographer kaitlin mosley has entrusted me with an old beseler 23c II enlarger.

i have decided it is time to get back in the darkroom and to do this i have decided to build myself a small personal darkroom in my bathroom. i need to get back in touch with the things that lured me to photography in the first place. i need to get back in touch with these skills that have been lying stagnant for the past few years…

stayed tuned…