April 19, 2009

clip from fedrico fellini’s armarcord.

it is currently playing at the the ritz/landmark theater here in philadelphia.

the ritz is also starting a midnight madness film program in may. they will be showing a bunch of great films like back to the future, rear window, and raiders of the lost ark! this is very exciting news and i hope it does well enough so they will show more classic films on the big screen. i think this is one thing philadelphia lacks, a great cinema scene. it seems like in new york you have so many more options to see classic films, silent films, and foreign films in actual theaters. if i was independently wealthy i would purchase one of the many old movie houses (that are wasting away as warehouses or converted into stores) and create a really amazing venue for film lovers. (if someone who IS independently wealthy wants to help me out on this please feel free to contact me! hehe)

good things happen in dark rooms…

One Response to “cinema”

  1. Megan Says:

    I love Armacord! Armarcord is set in Rimini, Fellini’s hometown, and also the hometown of my friend Cecilia. The word armacord in the dialect of Emilia Romagna, the region Rimini falls in, means “I remember”.

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