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still no internet

July 27, 2009

not that I should complain since I wasn’t paying for it but it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

in the meantime here’s what I’ve been reading and watching…


on alexander gardner’s photographic sketch book of the civil war, 2007, by anthony lee & elizabeth young (part of university of california press’ defining moments in american photography series)

a short history of the civil war (ordeal by fire), 1935, by fletcher pratt

bury my heart at wounded knee, an indian history of the american west, 1970, by dee brown


spartacus, 1960, screenplay by dalton trumbo, directed by stanley kubrick (& anthony mann)

only angels have wings, 1939, screenplay by jules furthman, directed by howard hawks

the treasure of the sierra madre, 1948, screenplay by john huston, based on the novel by b. traven, directed by john huston


no internet

July 24, 2009

unfortunately my internet has been down for the last few days. hopefully it will be up and running soon…

seconds too late

July 21, 2009


July 19, 2009

tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the man’s first moon landing. there has been some really excellent reading material both online and in print and i feel like i a kid in a candy store. (as you may remember some of my pasts posts, here and here (scroll down), about my love of all things outerspace)

if you have a chance i would pick up a copy of the new GQ (with bruno on the cover) while you may feel weird walking around with a naked sacha baren cohen on the cover, there is an excellent article about the future of nasa and it’s return to the moon. there are some amazing photographas by robert polidori which look much better in print than online.


the stennis space center’s B-stand © robert polidori/GQ

the current issue of time also has some excellent conversations with the men who walked on the moon and took part in the apollo missions.

here is an nytimes op-ed by tom wolfe (author of the right stuff)

and a great blog piece about ‘for all mankind’ and space and music on moviemorlocks


(the coolest mixtape of all time??)

how could you not be mesmerized by this stuff:

new x 2

July 18, 2009

airplane, south philadelphia

airplane, south philadelphia, 2009 © m.dominguez jr.


melissa, south philadelphia, 2009 © m.dominguez jr.


July 16, 2009


julius shulman, october 10, 1910 – july 15, 2009


July 6, 2009


heading to puerto rico for a week. 

i am bringing a lot of film.

so stay tuned.

wildwood, nj

July 2, 2009


from the 1994 documentary wildwood, nj (directed by carol weaks/cassidy & ruth leitman)


July 1, 2009

karl malden 1912 – 2009