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August 31, 2009

water on the windowsill, south philadelphia

a glass half full, south philadelphia, 2009 © m. dominguez jr.


August 31, 2009


india ink on paper 9″ x 12″ 2009, timothy b. buckwalter

at work

August 27, 2009


alfred stieglitz photographing on a bridge, 1905, photographer unknown

love letter

August 27, 2009

steve powers (aka ESPO) along with 40 local and international graffiti artists and in conjunction with the philadelphia mural arts program has been working on a project putting up murals along the market street el between 63rd & 45th streets. i have been following his progress through zoe strauss’s flickr account as well as the love letters blog. to say this project is beautiful and inspiring would be an understatement.




all photographs © 2009 zoe strauss

self portrait

August 17, 2009


carleton watkins, primitive mining. the old rocker (self-portrait as a miner), c. 1876.

a place in the sun

August 14, 2009





photographs to look at: alvin baltrop

August 14, 2009


Sin Titulo 02


photographs © alvin baltrop

musical daggers

August 13, 2009

the other day jason and i made a new mix. 

you can download it here…



August 12, 2009

many apologies for my lack of posting on this blog. things have been a bit crazy & life changing, which i will post about in the near future, but also i havent had any internet at my apartment. (which ironically the day after i splurge on buying my own internet service, the free internet i was stealing finally shows up again. wtf?!)

i should be all set to resume posting from now on. and i will begin with this…

the week of september 30-october 6th the film forum in NYC will be showing a film called “an american journey” by philippe seclier. in which the filmmaker travels through the same towns  robert frank did while making his groundbreaking and hugely influential book the americans.

the trailers online look pretty interesting and along with this film they are showing a short film “in the street” that helen levitt, janice loeb & james agee made in 1948.

Picture 5


August 6, 2009

John Hughes 1950-2009