isaac tin wei lin

October 12, 2009

isaac lin, megawords

isaac, philadelphia 2008  (photograph by me)

isaac t. lin is an incredibly talented and amazing individual. he is one of my favorite artists and probably one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet.

he is having a solo show soon and asked a number of his friends to donate a photograph with which he could incorporate one of his paintings onto. i was honored to be asked to do this and am really excited to see what the end result will be. he is known for doing these intricately designed and intensely kaleidoscopic murals and paintings, ranging from huge (like the mural he did in the above photograph for the megawords storefront project) to rather small (like the photograph below)


untitled, 2005, ink on found photograph (8 x 10 inches) by isaac t. lin

i will be posting more news on this show as it’s opening draws nearer.

in the meantime here is some more of his work to look at:


splash, drawing on photo 14 x 18″ 2008 photo by micah danges


talk about, 6’x9′ collage on canvas 2008


cccmyk process, 16 x 22″ six color screen print 2008


haunting, 20′ obelisk cardboard boxes enamel ink, 2008


looking for the perfect beat, 9′ x 15 ‘ ink on paper


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