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big mike!

November 25, 2009

excellent news for my friend michael koehler, a very talented photographer and all around awesome dude, his work is featured on today…

go check it out!



in case of pain

November 24, 2009

via pdn , via nytimes

“findings suggest that bringing loved ones’ photographs to painful procedures may be beneficial, particularly if those individuals cannot be there. In fact, because loved ones vary in their ability to provide support, photographs may, in some cases, be more effective than in-person support. In sum, these findings challenge the notion that the beneficial effects of social support come solely from supportive social interactions and suggest that simple reminders of loved ones may be sufficient to engender feelings of support.”

ruth orkin & morris engel (via)

the loft is a curious place

November 23, 2009

“from 1957 to 1965 legendary photographer w. eugene smith made approximately 3,000 hours of recordings on 1,740 reel-to-reel tapes and nearly 40,000 photographs in a loft building in Manhattan’s wholesale flower district where major jazz musicians of the day gathered and played their music.”

in a November 1958 letter to his friend Ansel Adams, Smith wrote: “The loft is a curious place, pinned with the notes and proof prints . . . with reminders . . . with demands. Always there is the window. It forever seduces me away from my work in this cold water flat. I breathe and smile and quicken and languish in appreciation of it, the proscenium arch with me on the third stage looking it down and up and bent along the sides and the whole audience in performance down before me, an ever changing pandemonium of delicate details and habitual rhythms.”

the jazz loft project

the jazz loft project radio series

just want to break out, shake off this skin.

November 16, 2009


November 13, 2009

if you live near south philadelphia, stop by the my house gallery


Alex Eckman-Lawn, Alex Gartelmann, Andrew Pinkham, Annarita Gentile, Bob Myaing, Candace Karch, Dominic Episcopo, Fernando Ramos, Frank Hadley, Jared Martin, Jeannie Pearce, Jeff Baij, Joseph Hasenauer, Joshua Erb, Kaitlin Mosley, Katie Tackman, Kirsten Neville, Laura Conklin, Laura Graham, Lisa Haun, Lisa Scarpello, Maggie O’Donnell, Manuel Dominguez Jr., Masha Badinter, Matpat, Maxwell Hartley, Mike Bolton, Mike Ryan, Nicky Devine, Rene Micheli, Rochelle Morton, Sam Belkowitz, Sebastien Leqlerc, Sean Barrett, Sheila Master, Shira Yudkoff, Steven Streisguth, Steven Alvarez, Tom Goodman, Zoe Strauss


photographs to look at

November 12, 2009

Wembley 1973

leeds v sunderland cup final, wembley 1973

Ossie Thomas

ossie thomas, channel 1 studio, kingston 1998

Tappa-Trench Town

tappa zukie & knowledge, trench town 1977

Black Ark 1979

black ark studio, 1979

Travellers 1972

travellers, westway london, 1972

Roy Cousins

roy cousins, west london, 1978

all photographs © david hendley

many thanks to darren saxton

oh and happy belated

November 11, 2009

happy 40th birthday sesame street.

i wouldn’t be who i am today without you.

in queue

November 11, 2009

in honor of robert ryan’s centennial…

clash by night (1952)

directed by fritz lang

from a clifford odets story


November 9, 2009

heading down to DC for work. need the escape.


lincoln memorial, 2008  m. dominguez jr.

some good news

November 6, 2009

self portrait in the shower

some good news for a change… one of my photos was chosen to be part of this excellent group show in philadelphia.

the photo show at my house gallery in south philadelphia,  curated by kaitlin mosley, featuring over 30 philadelphia artists.

opening reception is on friday, november 13, 2009 from 6-10PM

my house gallery

2534 S. 8th Street, Phila, PA 19148

check it out if you can.