a place near here

January 18, 2010

Fleisher/Ollman is very pleased to announce Isaac Tin Wei Lin’s solo exhibition,
A Place Near Here. Please join us for the festive opening reception on Thursday, January 21 from 6-9pm.

In the main gallery, Lin, best known for his graphic prints and paintings, will debut two major sculptural pieces. A variation on a piece shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia) as part of Locally Localized Gravity in 2007, a simple room constructed from cardboard boxes is painted to resemble brick. The structure houses paintings and prints from floor to ceiling and resembles an abandoned building defaced over time. A second sculptural work, made from rigid insulation, is a tangle of three-dimensional lines and letters that simultaneously recall monuments, forests, and Matisse’s cut-outs.

The side gallery will feature approximately thirty photographs taken by fellow artists and friends (including Barry McGee, Casey Belle Watson, Alex Lukas, Darshana Borah, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Dan Murphy, Megan Thomas-Melly, Zachary D. Carr, Jason Silen, and Manuel Dominguez Jr.) on which Lin has drawn and painted.


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