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photographs to look at: caleb charland

February 23, 2010

all photographs © caleb charland


can not wait

February 18, 2010

pitchers and catchers have reported.

14 days until the first spring training game.

april 12, opening day.

thom lessner painting giant phillie phanatics (via: philebrity)

at work

February 16, 2010

(via: if charlie parker was a gunslinger…)

james dean (photographer unknown)

sad news

February 12, 2010

Sotheby’s Polaroid Collection Auction Announced

From That Instant Thrill, Enduring Art, Now for Sale

Polaroid Collection: Update 12

Controversial Auction Sells Warhols From Polaroid’s Collection

Sotheby sells prestigious Polaroid collection

“[The Polaroid Collection is] an amazing body of work. There’s really nothing like it in the history of photography. . . . [T]o sell it is criminal.” – chuck close

“Vogel gets one substantial fact dead wrong when she writes, “To pay off creditors, a bankruptcy court in Minnesota is forcing Polaroid to sell a portion of its collection at Sotheby’s in New York on June 21 and 22.” The Minnesota Bankruptcy Court is definitely not “forcing Polaroid to sell a portion of its collection at Sotheby’s.” The Minnesota Bankruptcy Court has merely endorsed the debtors’ fervent plea to allow this sale to go forward; it didn’t require it of them. In short, the current holders of the collection initiated this sale, not the court; the fact that this will happen under a ruling known generically as a court order should not get interpreted as the court requiring reluctant parties to conduct a fire sale. In this case, the sellers can’t wait to get rid of the stuff, in which they have no interest outside of its cash value.” – a.d. coleman

never ending fun

February 11, 2010

new drawings by james ulmer

opening reception on friday feb 12th from 7-9 pm

at benna’s cafe 8th and wharton st., philadelphia

but I still ain’t seen the sun

February 9, 2010

(js – thanks for the mixes)

stealing art

February 9, 2010

a new film about the struggle for control of the barnes foundation

also of note, something i’ve been meaning to link to for awhile, the polaroid collection crisis

apparently powers that be are trying to break up and sell off the polaroid collection through sotheby’s auction house. writer, photography critic and blogger, a.d. coleman has been a strong and almost lone voice in trying to save the polaroid collection. his blog has been on top of this story for a long time now and it is sort of a shame no other photography or art blogs have really picked up on it.

(photographs from the polaroid book from taschen)

at work

February 8, 2010

alec soth at work (photographer unknown)