stealing art

February 9, 2010

a new film about the struggle for control of the barnes foundation

also of note, something i’ve been meaning to link to for awhile, the polaroid collection crisis

apparently powers that be are trying to break up and sell off the polaroid collection through sotheby’s auction house. writer, photography critic and blogger, a.d. coleman has been a strong and almost lone voice in trying to save the polaroid collection. his blog has been on top of this story for a long time now and it is sort of a shame no other photography or art blogs have really picked up on it.

(photographs from the polaroid book from taschen)


2 Responses to “stealing art”

  1. thesilverlining Says:

    Thanks for informing me about both of these things. I was not aware of the current danger the Polaroid Collection is in, which is upsetting and disturbing the say the least.


  2. […] Camera Notes, which also just tipped me off to the current struggle over protecting the Polaroid […]

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