sad news

February 12, 2010

Sotheby’s Polaroid Collection Auction Announced

From That Instant Thrill, Enduring Art, Now for Sale

Polaroid Collection: Update 12

Controversial Auction Sells Warhols From Polaroid’s Collection

Sotheby sells prestigious Polaroid collection

“[The Polaroid Collection is] an amazing body of work. There’s really nothing like it in the history of photography. . . . [T]o sell it is criminal.” – chuck close

“Vogel gets one substantial fact dead wrong when she writes, “To pay off creditors, a bankruptcy court in Minnesota is forcing Polaroid to sell a portion of its collection at Sotheby’s in New York on June 21 and 22.” The Minnesota Bankruptcy Court is definitely not “forcing Polaroid to sell a portion of its collection at Sotheby’s.” The Minnesota Bankruptcy Court has merely endorsed the debtors’ fervent plea to allow this sale to go forward; it didn’t require it of them. In short, the current holders of the collection initiated this sale, not the court; the fact that this will happen under a ruling known generically as a court order should not get interpreted as the court requiring reluctant parties to conduct a fire sale. In this case, the sellers can’t wait to get rid of the stuff, in which they have no interest outside of its cash value.” – a.d. coleman

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