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at work

May 25, 2010

william henry jackson printing in his darkroom



May 18, 2010

descanse en paz, tio nerato.


May 17, 2010

wait along, wait along

May 14, 2010

scotty stidham

May 7, 2010

via: shelby lee adams

“Scotty lived to be over 100 years old. He lived and farmed his land in Barwick, Ky.”

at work

May 6, 2010

shelby lee adams making polaroids in church

photographs to look at: rachel sussman

May 5, 2010

the oldest living things in the world

sagole baobab #0707-00505 (2,000 years old; limpopo province, south africa)

welwitschia mirabilis #0707-6724 (2,000 years old; namib naukluft desert, namibia)

siberian actinobacteria #tv-26 (400,000 – 600,000 years old; neils bohr institute, copenhagen)

clonal creosote bush #0906-3637 (12,000 years old; mojave desert, california)

clonal quaking aspens #0906-4711 (80,000 years old, fish lake, UT)

underground forest #0707-10333 (up to 13,000 years old; pretoria, south africa)

all images © rachel sussman

please help her complete this amazing and brilliant project…here.

zoe strauss

May 3, 2010

zoe strauss is the greatest.

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