photographs to look at: rachel sussman

May 5, 2010

the oldest living things in the world

sagole baobab #0707-00505 (2,000 years old; limpopo province, south africa)

welwitschia mirabilis #0707-6724 (2,000 years old; namib naukluft desert, namibia)

siberian actinobacteria #tv-26 (400,000 – 600,000 years old; neils bohr institute, copenhagen)

clonal creosote bush #0906-3637 (12,000 years old; mojave desert, california)

clonal quaking aspens #0906-4711 (80,000 years old, fish lake, UT)

underground forest #0707-10333 (up to 13,000 years old; pretoria, south africa)

all images © rachel sussman

please help her complete this amazing and brilliant project…here.


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