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william eggleston plays the piano

August 30, 2010

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life changing, the amps

August 27, 2010

just a twisted kid, never learned to ride

self portrait

August 26, 2010

self portrait 1970 © abelardo morell

entombed until christmas

August 25, 2010

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trapped chilean miner florencio avalos is seen via computer screen on monday

engineers predict it will take up to four months to drill a hole large enough to rescue the trapped miners

You push the button, We’ll do the rest

August 18, 2010

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the end of the age of photography – by danny lyon

“Among the very few tangible things to survive from this relationship is the album. The marriage ended in divorce. The first baby born is now thirty eight years old and has two children or her own. The world we lived in back then, is no more. Everything about it is now different accept for the album. It is exactly the same. Neither an artifact, nor a “picture”, nor a relic, it is an actual piece of reality of that world, that love, those people, that family as it was in 1970, and it will be that way forever. The only preservation involved was keeping it in a desk drawer, with the pages closed. It does not require any form of technology to view. It exists. That is true of all photographic prints. They are real things. All you need do is keep them in a box, and they will not doubt out live you, and probably your grandchildren.”

august 29th

August 17, 2010

at work

August 12, 2010

george hurrell photographing jane russell, photograph by will connell, 1939

photographs to look at: isa leshko

August 11, 2010

elderly animals

all images © isa leshko

turn around

August 10, 2010

turn around and you’re tiny
turn around and you’re grown

all of this occurs in the dark of course.

August 10, 2010