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zoe strauss

April 30, 2008

be there!



April 29, 2008


a little dissapointed

April 29, 2008

unfortunately we lost. 1-0. ah well. this has just not been our year.

here’s to euro 2008. maybe spain can finally get some long deserved glory.

champions league

April 29, 2008

most people who know me know my love for football (soccer) and of course for f.c. barcelona. today is one of the biggest games of the year for them. since completely wasting all their chances in their domestic league, and handing that title to real madrid, they pretty much have only the champions league to regain some glory and honor for this year.

unfortunately it’s not going to be easy. playing manchester united in front of 70,000+ united fans at old trafford, and going through a goal drought (no goals in the past 3 games!?!)

here to inspire some  goals is their destruction of manchester at the camp nou in 1994.


miroslav tichy

April 26, 2008

i was checking out one of my favorite blogs this morning 5b4 which is a blog about mostly photography books. they mentioned an interesting photographer who i had never heard of before, miroslav tichy. i guess ive had my head in a hole in the ground because im just hearing about him. but wow, what beautiful photographs.

“Tichý is truly one of the great ‘finds’ of unknown artists who worked on the outside edges of the art world. Following the Communist takeover, Tichý spent some eight years in prison camps and jails for no particular reason other than he was ‘different’ and was considered subversive. Upon his release in the early 70’s, Tichý wandered his small town in rags, pursuing his obsession as an artist with the female form by photographing in the streets, shops and parks with cameras he made from tin cans, childrens spectacle lenses and other junk he found on the street. He would return home each day to make prints on equally primitive equipment, making only one print from the negatives he selected.
He stole intimate glimpses of his subjects through windows and the fences of swimming pools as well as in the streets, sometimes finding himself in trouble with the police.” -michael hoppen gallery website

another 5b4 post about him: 5b4

April 25, 2008

will work for money

April 24, 2008

i have finally quit my part-time job. i am now completely and utterly freelance. it’s sort of scary. fuck that, it’s really scary. but i needed to do it. i needed to take a chance on myself and what i do. and hopefully it will pay off in the end.

so basically if you, or anybody you know, or someone you might have had a brief encounter with needs a photograph taken (or retouched) even if it’s a portrait of your dog (or cat), send them my way.

(photo by: me)

regarding my website

April 22, 2008

i am not happy with my images on my site. when i built this site, i made some pretty simple portfolios and put a few random images in them without much thought as to the order or which particular images i used. i used what i felt were some of my stronger images, but they are haphazardly strung together in a way that bothers me.

i am horrible at editing my work. and im sure you can see that as you look through my site. i am trying to get better, and hopefully now that i have more time on my hands i can devote myself to getting this site in tip top shape.


April 22, 2008

i need a trip

April 21, 2008

reading the grapes of wrath is really making me want to take a roadtrip. every time i get in my car lately i just want to keep on driving. i dont want to stop until i reach somewhere ive never been. there is something so alluring about the open road, and getting away from the comforts of your everday life.

it has been awhile since ive traveled. either for work, which i do a lot, or for pleasure, which i dont do as much as i’d like. i would like to go somewhere soon. i have a few trips in the planning stages, not sure which will happen, but one needs to happen soon or else i am going to go crazy…

(john ford/gregg toland, grapes of wrath, 1940)