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June 29, 2009

i have been really getting back into baseball lately. when i was younger i was super into baseball, my dad would take me to yankee’s and phillies games, i loved the whole atmosphere of sitting in the outfield bleachers, eating hotdogs, watching players like don mattingly (a personal fav) and lenny dykstra. at heart i am a die-hard yankees fan, but living in philadelphia for the last 6 years i have come to love the phillies as well. last year i was lucky enough to witness them win the world series and also got to enjoy the amazing celebration on broad street that night, where fan’s over took the streets (i have never seen philadelphia so happy and i also never high fived so many people in my life!)

the library of congress has a flickr profile and they post incredible historical photographs all the time. here are some excellent baseball related photos that i enjoy:


sherry magee, philadelphia, nl, 1911


germany schaefer, washington, al, 1911


eddie collins, philadelphia, al, 1911


new york giants opening day line-up at the polo grounds, between 1910 and 1915



June 26, 2009


1958-2009. r.i.p. michael jackson

1935 – 2009

June 23, 2009

sad news for film lovers.

after 74 years, kodachrome has been discontinued.


woman in white dress, 1958 photographer unknown (from my personal collection)


June 21, 2009

happy father’s day!

Papi, Polaroid 55, 2003(?)

this is a photograph i took of my dad back in 2003/2002(?) it was done for school when we were working with type 55 polaroid.

self portrait

June 18, 2009


self portrait, paris, 1976 © luigi ghirri


June 16, 2009

step one: “would you like to have your photo taken” (hopefully followed by the answer yes)

step two: find suitable location (good light is a key component to this step)

step three: set up camera

step four: compose shot (i tend to ask the person being photographed to stand or sit in various places just using my eyes first than placing the camera where i am standing)

step five: meter (i use a sekonic L-508 light meter)

step six: meter again, and most likely again

step seven: set f-stop, shutter speed (according to meter reading)

step eight: ask person being photographed to not move

step nine: carefully load film holder onto the camera back

step ten: expose film

(repeat two through ten until satisfied)

megan webb, south philadelphia

megan, south philadelphia, 2009

there is a feeling of nervousness that comes up after i expose a sheet of film. between dropping off the film to be processed and receiving the processed negatives a million questions surface, did i meter correctly? did i set the f-stop correctly? did the camera jiggle out of focus when loading the film back? did he/she move before exposure? did i mess up somewhere?

it’s not until i have the film in hand do i feel at ease and laugh at myself for questioning something i’ve been doing consistently for so many years now. i don’t think these questions/fears will ever go away. while i am beyond comfortable and sure of my skills, these little fears are all part of my process. they are part of the excitement and joy i have when i take photographs of people.

so good

June 14, 2009

the purple rose of cairo 1985, written and directed by woody allen

we’ve already said so long

June 11, 2009

a few things, then a nap

June 11, 2009

i am back from denver. actually blackhawk colorado. i was there for work and it is quite an interesting place. snuggled in the rocky mountains this former gold mining town is now the home for over 26 casinos and has a population of 118 (according to the last census) the area is littered with old mining equipment and abandoned mines and homes.

unfortunately since i was going for work i only brought 2 rolls of film with my camera and i am very disappointed in myself. i normally don’t have time to explore and photograph but this time i ended up having almost whole day there to explore and was very limited due to the lack of film i brought. i would love the chance to go back and take some more photographs.

returning home i finally got some 4×5 color negative film which i purchased through ebay. i can finally start to shoot some more.

in other news the new issue of megawords is out. and again i have a photograph featured (YES!) they are having a release party this saturday at art + soul food

you should check it out or pick up a copy online, it is only $3!


© megawords

my photo:

plastic bags

plastic bags, south philadelphia, 2009 © manuel dominguez jr.

not here

June 8, 2009


going to denver for the week.