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darkness be over me…

October 31, 2009

crazy things are happening…i feel like clifton webb on the deck of a sinking ship…


i want to be cliff lee

October 29, 2009

self portrait

October 28, 2009


andré kertész shadow self portrait, 1927

in queue

October 27, 2009

the petrified forest (1936)

directed by archie mayo

written by robert e. sherwood (play), charles kenyon, delmer daves

at work

October 23, 2009


walker evans


October 22, 2009

frank & alice, oxnard, ca

frank & alice, oxnard, california 2009

the tall T

October 21, 2009

signed up for netflix again. so i will begin sharing films in my queue.

the tall T is first…

the tall T (1957)

directed by the great budd boetticher

written by elmore leonard (story), burt kennedy (screenplay)

martin scorsese on the tall T:

the inappropriate alarm clock

October 20, 2009


arthur rothstein at work, 1938

on the nytimes website there is a great 7 part series ‘the case of the inappropriate alarm clock’ by errol morris getting under way. it deals with the controversies surrounding the FSA photographers and issues that are still at large today regarding the manipulation and altering of photographs.

photographs to look at

October 19, 2009







top to bottom:

woman with closed eyes, 1928, man ray

photograph from evidence 1977 larry sultan & mike mandel

photograph of wreck of the southern railway train, 1930

autralia bowler, bill o’reilly, demonstrates his famous grip, 1932, sam hood

dedication from ‘pictures from life in field & fen’, 1887

jacques-joseph ebelman on his deathbed (waxed paper negative), 1852, robert louis-remy


October 19, 2009

i am in the process of switching hosting companies for my wesbsite, which is why my website is no longer visible.

i will hopefully have it sorted out soon.