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add it up

November 30, 2008

the always amazing timothy b. buckwalter is having a sale of original 14″ x 17″ acrylic ink drawings. (they are one of a kind and signed by the artist for only $20!)

for more info and to purchase go here: add it up sale


happy thanksgiving

November 27, 2008


November 27, 2008

zoe strauss

November 24, 2008

this past saturday i was lucky enough to attend one of the best art openings EVER.

zoe strauss, america we love having you here. at Silverstein Photography 535 West 24th Street

seriously. the best.

for the most part i hate openings, it’s impossible to look at the work, it’s all about schmoozing and rubbing elbows, inflating egos, talking to weirdos you dont even like, trying to sound important, there is no discussing of the work on the walls, they are stuffy, hot, sweaty and the music is always, always bad.

zoe’s opening was like zoe herself. AMAZING. the way she used the space, from the arrangement of the work, the smaller side room with the “living room” where people could sit and take in the enormous wall of smaller prints…brilliant. the blue walls of the main room and the white frames she used, the work just popped off the wall and dared you not to look. either from afar or up close the work was impossible not to look at. i only peeked in the back room with the slide projector, but there was always a large group of people watching it and taking it all in.

the music, played by zoe’s brother, the world famous cosmo baker, was so so so good, a mix of soul & funk, hiphop, rock&roll, that was the perfect soundtrack to the night. there was literally a dance party in the main gallery. people were dancing, singing, the mood was just incredible.

it was all just perfect. the night was just perfect.

photos by: lynn bloom, ilene baker, and me

the hubert’s collector on the diane art-bus

November 21, 2008

via artblogc.h. paquette

an interesting short film by david kessler about some long lost diane arbus photos (more about that: here and here)

the hubert’s collector on the diane art-bus (18m 44s) by david s. kessler

mark your calendar, next saturday

November 21, 2008

some excellent new work by 3 amazing philadelphia artists. at the mew gallery in south philadelphia.

kathryn moran

katie henry (xo)

james ulmer


November 20, 2008

going over image after image trying to make cohesive portfolios for my website. i am having the worst kind of block ever. things that used to go together, that used to make sense, no longer make sense. every photograph i look at, i start to dislike or question the more i look at it. why did i take this? what does it mean?

i feel unmotivated, uninspired, just completely frustrated.


November 19, 2008

you must be there!

zoe strauss

at work

November 17, 2008

Art Sinsabaugh with Camera, 1962, Polaroid. ©2004, Billy M. Jackson


November 17, 2008

i always love to see where one of my photographs ends up. this photograph of yosuke was from a group show i was in called “close to home” in 2007.

yosuke, fairmount park, philadelphia 2007

it now resides at the new home of zac carr & megan thomas melly, in the clinton hill section of brooklyn.