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January 29, 2010

i took this photograph at some point this past summer.

it is taken from the front stoop of my parent’s house in new jersey during one of those amazing summer sunsets that i am sorta longing for right now…

summer sunset, sayreville, nj  2009 by m. dominguez jr.


thirty one

January 27, 2010

january 27, 1979

i-95 limited edition prints

January 25, 2010

via zoe strauss:

Get ready to get some of the “Countdown Dated Edition Photos.” The Countdown Dated Edition Photos” are a series of photos including a photo from each year spanning the duration of the I-95 project, 2000 to 2010. The sale of these photos will help pay for the 2010 I-95 show. And, believe me, the 2010 show will be spectacular. Rest assured that if you get one, it’s money well spent.

Starting this month, I will be posting the photos for sale at random times and they will be available until May 2010 or until they sell out. The photos are 250 bucks a pop, and will be made in a dated edition of 5. Photos will be offered in chronological order…
Image size for each photo is 7.5″x9.5″, paper size is 8.5.”x11″, and the photos are archival ink-jet prints.

These are a limited edition 2009/2010 issue…they will be signed as such and come with a letter from me. This means that I am only printing 5 of these photos at 7.5″ by 9.5″ between right now and May 2010. Who knows what I’ll print in 2010, but these are it from this year. Who knows what I’ll do in 2010, period.

Please email with any questions.


January 25, 2010

jean simmons january 31, 1929 – january 22, 2010

incredibly amazing

January 22, 2010

is the only way i can describe isaac lin’s art work.

here the piece he made from my photograph…. unfortunately my iphone does not do it justice.

please go see it in person!

tonight! be there!

January 21, 2010

Isaac Tin Wei Lin ‘s A Place Near Here

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery
1616 Walnut, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19103

tonight! thursday january 21, 2010


memory tapes

January 19, 2010

the internet will never cease to amaze me.

my friend’s matt and dayve are on tour in europe as i write this.

and through the incredible powers of the internet we can see their first live performance in manchester which happened this past saturday… enjoy…

for more music check out dayve’s blog:


a place near here

January 18, 2010

Fleisher/Ollman is very pleased to announce Isaac Tin Wei Lin’s solo exhibition,
A Place Near Here. Please join us for the festive opening reception on Thursday, January 21 from 6-9pm.

In the main gallery, Lin, best known for his graphic prints and paintings, will debut two major sculptural pieces. A variation on a piece shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia) as part of Locally Localized Gravity in 2007, a simple room constructed from cardboard boxes is painted to resemble brick. The structure houses paintings and prints from floor to ceiling and resembles an abandoned building defaced over time. A second sculptural work, made from rigid insulation, is a tangle of three-dimensional lines and letters that simultaneously recall monuments, forests, and Matisse’s cut-outs.

The side gallery will feature approximately thirty photographs taken by fellow artists and friends (including Barry McGee, Casey Belle Watson, Alex Lukas, Darshana Borah, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Dan Murphy, Megan Thomas-Melly, Zachary D. Carr, Jason Silen, and Manuel Dominguez Jr.) on which Lin has drawn and painted.


January 13, 2010

jimmy lee lindsey jr., aka jay reatard



January 12, 2010